How to place your order

Overview of placing your order? 

Just send us the following things

  • Product Picture
  • Some Special requirement related to product or delivery timings, date or delivery method
  • Then Finally your photo/text to be printed on product, your name, address, email(optional) and contact number.

Where to send your image and details? 

We offer two options: 

1) Simply whatsapp us at +92331 2520829 | +92 317 0279210

2) You can inbox us on facebook messenger (http://bit.ly/2RjprNp). 

Our representative will send your confirmation message once your order has been confirmed with all the relevant details about your product. Later, your shipping details will be send it you. That’s all !! (its way to easy)

How will you receive your orders? 

Your required product will be made and delivered it you within 5-6 working days for Karachi and 7-8 days for out of Karachi, we can also provide urgent order deliveries by caring about you occasion and urgent events/plans.

Top printing and material is guaranteed with Customized Gifts Items

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